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This website is about brand-building and entrepreneurship in the high-end, cultural & creative industries that range from luxury to handicraft and sustainable to high-tech businesses. I am sharing here some resources on creating and developing high-end brands.

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Helping in Brand-Building for High-end, Cultural & Creative Brands and Alternative Businesses

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How can we increase the conversation rate of our online store? (How) should we enter the Chinese market? ...Whatever strategic decision we need to take, it can barely be based on experience alone, but requires solid market research. We have experience with large-scale consumer surveys all over Europe and in China and especially with in-depth interviews and focus groups. With naïve market research about status-sensitive aspects you can easily end-up with misleading results. Therefore, we combine adequate research methods (such as Repertory Grid) with the foundations of (luxury) consumer behavior and theories of persuasion.



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In the high-end and lifestyle segments there is no business-building without brand-building - and hardly any brand-building without a digital strategy. The web presence is one of the key brand-consumer touch points with a large impact on purchase decisions. We specialize in the conceptualization and implementation of digital platforms including brand and campaign landing pages, brand communities, content management systems as well as database and e-commerce applications.



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As “teachers can only be teachers when they are explorers” (Heinz von Foerster), training and education should be based on own research and practical experience. One the other hand, “while we teach, we learn” (Seneca). Therefore, we believe in a balanced mix of practical projects, academic and business publications, presentations at conferences, lectures and seminars in study programs as well as manager trainings through in-company workshops and study trips. The central topic revolves around the question “How to create and to manage a brand in the luxury and high-end cultural & creative industries?” – and this is related to other topics such as luxury consumer behavior, market research and digital marketing.



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In the luxury and high-end cultural & creative industries you cannot create a business without creating a brand. Its success depends on fundamental strategic decisions about the brand identity and positioning, which rely on in-depth consumer insights, and lead to consumer benefits. We are specializing in developing useful frameworks for brand-building in the high-end cultural & creative industries and in applying them through various projects with big luxury maisons, but also with handicraft brands and start-ups.