Brand-Building Canvas




What is your Brand Vision?

What’s the basic Idea?

Entrepreneurs never just create a business – but also a brand at the same time. Today, the ‘symbolic meaning’, the brand’s vision and story are not just a nice add-on, but in many cases the central idea of a new business. Most young entrepreneurs do not just want to make money, but create purpose-driven brands. As building a business and building a brand are so closely intertwined, I combined the Business-Building Canvas (Osterwalder and Pigneur, 2010) with brand identity planning into the Brand-Building Canvas. It has a simple structure with seven main categories and 16 brand-building blocks. Some blocks cover many different aspects and are therefore structured by additional brand-building templates.





Brand-Building Canvas - Brand Identity Planning Model



The Brand-Self-Seven


The Brand-Self-Seven - Brand Identity Planning Model








Publication date: 26.11.2017, last updated: 7.2.2019