Brand Personality Template




Who is your Brand Personality?

What’s the basic Idea?

I realized that there are a lot of brand-building concepts from ‘brand vision’, ‘brand mission’, ‘brand ambition’, ‘brand manifesto’, ‘brand philosophy’, ‘brand culture’ and many more and I could not find any framework that puts them into a logic structure so that entrepreneurs know what is what and what is needed. Therefore, I tried to identify the concepts that are useful and arranged them into the brand identity templates.





Brand Personality Template



Also published in: Heine, K., Crener-Ricard, S., Atwal, G. and Phan, M. (2018) Personality-Driven Luxury Brand Management. Journal of Brand Management, 25(5): 474-497.


Publication date: 14.9.2018, last updated: 14.9.2018