The Brand-Self-Seven Brand Identity Planning Model

Block VI: Brand Touchpoints


The Brand-Self-Seven Brand Identity Planning Model: Brand Touchpoints



A touchpoint includes any way in which people can come in contact with a brand, from stumbling over its adverts to visiting the brand’s website, making a purchase at its store or calling the customer service hotline. Every time they ‘touch’ a brand, consumers have positive or negative experiences that form their perceptions and opinions of the brand and influence their purchase (intentions).

The Brand Touchpoints block describes for what type of marketing channels a brand wants to be known for. For instance, to become an internationally renowned luxury house, brands need to develop concept stores in prestigious shopping streets such as Avenue Montaigne in Paris.

New touchpoints can revolutionize an industry. This was shown by the rise of the Internet, along with Amazon and Netflix, which forced many book and most video stores to close.



One of the key tasks here: Customer Journey Mapping    …to further specify the touchpoints in more detail 

Customer Journey Mapping








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