The Brand-Self-Seven Brand Identity Planning Model

Block I: Brand Vision


The Brand-Self-Seven Brand Identity Planning Model: Brand Vision



Similar to a great dream, a vision is a picture of the preferred future of a brand, and also of the future of society and the subculture or industry in which the brand operates. As part of the vision, the Brand Purpose outlines a brand’s fundamental reason for existence beyond making money. As a brand’s overarching guiding idea, the vision shapes a brand’s identity and influences all other aspects of branding and marketing. Therefore, it must be part of the brand identity model (but is not included in most other models). Given its relevance, it even belongs on top of the model (instead of being a subcategory of another brand identity element, e.g. as part of the Brand Tonality by Esch, 2017).












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Image source: Evgeny Atamanenko / Shutterstock.