Luxury Brand Management

Heine, K. (2012) Luxury Brand Management, Technische Universität Berlin, ISSN: 2193-1208,

"Luxury Brand Management" is a serial published on this webpage at irregular intervals. Areas of interest include the luxury brand identity and personality and luxury consumer behaviour. The first paper "The Concept of Luxury Brands" concentrates on the definition and categorization of luxury products and brands.

Authors Title Number Edition Publication Dtae Comments
Heine, K. The Concept of Luxury Brands 1 1.0 Sep 7 2011 The first one!
Heine, K., Ochkovskaya, M. and Timofeev, J. Концепция брендов роскоши 1-RU 1.0 Mar 26 2012 The Concept of Luxury Brands, Russian Edition
Heine, K. The Concept of Luxury Brands 1 2.0 Nov 7 2012 Slightly revised, here and there a bit