New article: Personality-Driven Luxury Brand Management

A new article is coming out: Personality-Driven Luxury Brand Management (Klaus Heine, emlyon business school, China; Sandrine Crener Ricard, Harvard Business School, USA; Glyn Atwal, Burgundy School of Business, France; Michel Phan, emlyon business school, France).



This paper combines the brand personality and brand anthropomorphization concepts and introduces the notion of personality-driven brand management especially for the context of luxury branding. A central part of this paper is a study about the major dimensions of luxury brand personality. Results suggest that there exist five distinct luxury personality dimensions including tradition, modesty, elitism, eccentricity and sensuality. They help brand managers to develop distinct brand personalities by encouraging them to decide between contrasting traits. After presenting the major strategies to bring a luxury brand personality alive, the paper discusses the benefits of personality-based brand management and concludes with some major lessons learned.

Keywords: Luxury branding Brand identity Brand personality Anthropomorphization 

Heine, K., Crener Ricard, S., Glyn, A. and Phan, M. (2017) Personality-Driven Luxury Brand Management. Journal of Brand Management, 25(5): 474-497, read online.

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Sunday, 12 Aug 2018

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