What are the World's best Piano Manufacturers?



Brand Brief description Founded Origin
Ant. Petrof Top class manufacturer of pianos with a colourful, romantic and rounded tone. A family business since generations. They combine modern technologies with traditional techniques of the greatest pianomaking craftsmen. 1864,
159 years ago
Czech Republic, Hradec Králové
August Förster Upright pianos and grand pianos, individually handcrafted unique pieces - made to stay for generations. 1859,
164 years ago
Germany, Löbau
Baldwin Baldwin is an American piano company that makes and distributes quality pianos to all price ranges. The Baldwin top class pianos, the Artist Grands, are handmade at the Trumann Factory in the United States. Baldwin enthusiasts love the big “American” sound of the instruments, particularly in the bass area, and the clear “bell-like” quality in the high treble end. 1890,
133 years ago
USA, Nashville
Blüthner Along with C. Bechstein, Bösendorfer and Steinway & Sons, Blüthner is frequently referred to as one of the "Big Four" piano manufacturers. 1853,
170 years ago
Germany, Großpösna
Bösendorfer One of the oldest and most famous piano manufacturers from Vienna - owned by Yamaha Corporation. 1828,
195 years ago
Austria, Vienna
C. Bechtstein One of the most famous manufacturers of grand pianos. 1853,
170 years ago
Germany, Berlin
Cavendish Upright and grand pianos with a distinctive, mellow, classic European tone - hand-built in the Yorkshire area in England. 2012,
11 years ago
United Kingdom, Leeds
Estonia Pianos Truly hand-crafted piano with a rich and singing sound made in the old traditions of European piano making - offering value for money. 1950,
73 years ago
Estonia, Tallinn
Fazioli A top class maker of hand-built pianos. 1981,
42 years ago
Italy, Sacile
Grotrian-Steinweg Top class hand-built grand and upright pianos. The company is owned by the Grotrian family since generations, since 2015 together with a new shareholder, the Parsons Music Group from Hong Kong. The basis for the company's tradition is a unique tone and love for music. 1835,
188 years ago
Germany, Brunswick
Maene The company hand-builds Chris Maene straight-strung grand pianos in their own workshop and distributes Steinway and other pianos in Belgium. 1938,
85 years ago
Belgium, Ruiselede
Sauter Privately owned manufacturer of high-end upright and grand pianos, steeped in tradition and focused on the highest quality. 1819,
204 years ago
Germany, Spaichingen
Schimmel A famous traditional manufacturer of hand-crafted pianos from Germany, owned mainly by Pearl River Piano Group from China. 1885,
138 years ago
Germany, Brunswick
Seiler An entry to the upper class of European pianos without compromise but with an attractive price-performance ratio, owned by the Korean Samick group. 1849,
174 years ago
Germany, Kitzingen
Steingraeber Top class maker of upright and grand pianos, a family-business in the sixth generation, headquartered in Steingraeber Haus, a historic Rococo palace in Bayreuth. Made of the finest natural materials and by the time-honoured principles of piano making, they create pianos that are truly living instruments. 1852,
171 years ago
Germany, Bayreuth
Steinway & Sons One of the world's most famous manufacturers of top class pianos. 1853,
170 years ago
Germany, Hamburg
Stuart & Sons An Australian manufacturer of handcrafted grand pianos, which primarily uses Australian timbers for construction. 1992,
31 years ago
Australia, Newcastle
W. Hoffmann The brand offers upright and grand pianos made by C. Bechstein Europe, also by traditional craftmanship - and, at the same time, value for money. 2006,
17 years ago
Germany, Berlin
Zimmermann The company founder worked for the piano company Steinway & Sons in New York before starting his own factory in Leipzig in 1884. At the beginning of the 20th century, Zimmermann was one of Europe’s largest piano manufacturers. Since 1992, it is part of C. Bechstein, representing the entry level of Bechstein pianos. 1884,
139 years ago
Germany, Seifhennersdorf