Brand Expression Template


Once you have settled on your brand's vision and self-concept and you know exactly what you want your brand to stand for,
it's time to think about how to express that to your target groups.



What’s the basic Idea?

Brand identity determines how customers should think about a brand. Brand expression makes this happen. It allows influencing the brand image by everything consumers can perceive, including colors, symbols, styles of speaking, sounds and scents – on websites, brochures, banners, company cars and so on.

A brand identity is detailed to such an extent that communicating all that to the target customers would lead to information overload. Brand expression should focus on the key messages.

The Brand Expression Template helps to compose an overview of what a brand should display and how to convey that to its target groups.





Where does it come from?

The classification of ‘brand expression’ can rely on two long-established marketing concepts: ‘corporate identity’ and ‘five senses branding’ (also ‘sensory branding’).

Corporate identity splits into corporate design, corporate communication, and corporate behavior. This can easily be applied to brand expression as shown in the Figure on the right.


Upmarkit - Brand Design - Brand Communication - Brand Behavior






Five Senses Branding


Upmarkit - Five-Senses Branding






Combining ‘corporate identity’, ‘five senses branding’ and other key concepts of brand expression leads to...


Brand Expression Template


Brand Expression Template






How to use the Brand Expression Template?

The toolkit 'Brand Expression' contains the Brand Expression Template, explanations & examples about how to complete each component and additional templates to enter more details about each component.


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Publication date: 25.11.2017, last updated: 8.2.2019