Brand Personality Template




Who is your Brand Personality?

If your brand would be a person, how would s/he look like?

Brand personality is a key component of brand identity as it covers big parts of a brand’s symbolic meaning (Vigneron and Johnson, 2004). A charismatic brand personality can offer the single most important reason why one brand will be chosen over another. Just like a person, your brand has a personality, which determines how customers connect with your brand and how much they are willing to do business with you.





People are inclined to perceive brands as persons and to describe a brand’s personality by personality traits, but also by age, gender, fashion style and various other types of characteristics. Accordingly, brand personality refers to “the set of [all] human characteristics associated with a brand” (Aaker, 1997, p. 347).





Brand Personality Template



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Publication date: 14.9.2018, last updated: 14.9.2018