What is a Brand Audit?

A brand audit is a strategic situtation analysis about a brand.


The first step in building brand identity is always an in-depth brand audit in order to encode the brand’s DNA.

A brand audit can also be used as a basis of decision-making before entering new markets, for brand extensions and brand repositioning. Generally, a ‘brand audit’ is conducted to prepare for any significant change in the branding strategy.

In addition, a brand should be regularly audited in order to identify misguided marketing measures or adverse external situations (Wee, 2004). A brand audit may also be necessary as a response to changing market conditions: Are there competitors showing any vulnerability that can be capitalized on, or some new strengths that could threaten our own business? Or is the industry sector showing some unusual signs of weakening or robustness that may require some forthright action plan? (Upshaw, 1995)



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